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This is really good stuff. I can feel the evolution of the artist in this track, you're right there at the break point of mass development. One thing I would recommend is splitting your music from your GD. They can coexist, but with electronic music, don't specifically produce for a rhythm game, as it can limit what you want to truly create.

im fucknig nutting

I must say this track is a little on the lesser side of your discography.
On an objective level, this track is great. Flow, mixing, structure, sound, it's all perfect. You've truly mastered your sound. The only issue is the non-drop parts.
This section is all personal analysis of the track. I see what you were going for here. I've seen all the people saying your orchestral-based tracks aren't as good. I've seen all the comments saying you should return back to the sheol-supernova days. The reason I bring this up is it seemed you were trying to capture that light once more. The problem is you've evolved past that stage in producing and moved on to a new feel for music. I understand what you were doing, and I respect it, but it just seems pointless to try to return. Granted, you haven't totally devoled back in this piece, but I can feel what you were attempting. I believe you should move forward always. Never try to reach back because others want you to. The drops here feel like ego death, due to their intensity and rock-ish patterns. I enjoy the track, but I think you shouldn't try to pander to the people holding you back is all!

Sorry for the rant, good track, but don't try to please others without consideration you own musical journey!


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Awesome art mang!

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