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My Recet Problem With FL Studio

2016-10-15 20:58:23 by Dj-Chezt

OK, I got something to talk about. I had a full song that was finished a week ago. All done, mixed, edited, etc. It was my best song, and sounded a bit like Mafia Pineapple. I started to save the audio file finally, and FL Crashes. "That's Fine, I have the first draft. I'll just have that, and tweak it." Oh boy, was I wrong. Turns out, the song was 1/2 half through the exporting process, so I was left with 1:46 of the song that I had spent the longest on (32 Hours). I was so fucking mad, I nearly gave up on this stuff. I'm still bitter, but I'm moving on and have a new track out! Although, don't expect tons of music in the next week or soon. Sorry


CORE Remix Uploaded!

2016-10-02 23:33:09 by Dj-Chezt